Mitch is an avid beadworker, who practices a traditional Métis Floral beadwork style.

Mitch began beading in 2012, when he learned to bead in order to prepare gifts for his elders when he became Midewiwin (Great Lakes Indigenous spiritual society.) In the years since, Mitch has become a very well respected beadworker, known across the Métis Nation. Mitch is known for his traditional floral style that has been described as “Old School” “keeping the Métis floral tradition alive” and “firmly rooted in a Métis way of seeing the world.”

Mitch spearheaded the #beadworkrevolution, an online movement of Métis youth reclaiming and revitalizing their Métis beadwork traditions, with hundreds of participants including dozens of first time bead-workers. Mitch created the Métis Nation of Ontario Youth Council bead kits, which are sold as a fundraiser to raise money for Métis youth cultural initiatives. Over 3000 bead kits have been sold across Canada, raising tens of thousands of dollars for Métis youth initiatives.


Mitch regularly teaches beadwork classes (in-person & virtual), including:

  • Introductory Beadwork
  • Advanced Beadwork
  • Métis Design, Aesthetics & Colour Theory,
  • Moccasin Making
  • Métis Artistic History